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Former top ten player in the world, Brenda Schultz -McCarthy was the Netherlands top professional for over 10 years. As a top tennis professional, Brenda Schultz was known for the biggest serve in women's tennis.

Brenda Schultz-McCarthy,
one of women's professional tennis' most exciting players for over ten years, left home at eleven years old for her tennis career. During that time she played the toughest competition, hired the world's best coaches and witnessed the top players creative training methods. Her extensive experience has taught her balance is the key to success.

With the purchase of 360 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the hiring of a world class coaching staff, Brenda Schultz Tennis Camp campers will enhance their self development, team building skills and athletic performance while having unlimited amounts of fun! We recommend a two to three week stay so that you can take full advantage of the total training experience. Brenda Schultz-McCarthy is the only former top ten player who is a full-time active camp director and who is present for the duration of the training.

"When I was growing up I had a very diverse sports background," says Brenda. "My family skied, we played games on the beach, went to the mountains for hiking and many other activities (biking, skating and boating). I also played baseball, field hockey and other sports with the local kids. Today I see parents forcing their kids to be on the court 6-8 hrs a day. There is no possible way that anyone can concentrate on one thing for that period of time. I believe you have to work hard but more importantly work smart. I am trying to create a camp that I would have enjoyed when I was a kid - great coaching and really fun activities!
In addition to that, I want to cater to all skill levels. If a kid wants a college scholarship they'll benefit from my program. If they never had a racquet in their hand they'll go home with basic skills and an appreciation for the game.

I believe that like my family any family can make tennis a great way to spend time together. My father is 68 and still plays a couple times a week."

"I also really enjoy kids. If everyone had the attitude of a kid the world would be a better place. They normally do not see color, wealth or the other things adults worry about on a daily basis. I know as they get older that changes but at least they can get away from it when they are enjoying themselves at my camp."

Brenda Schultz - McCarthy
Brenda Schultz - McCarthy
Brenda Schultz - McCarthy
Brenda Schultz - McCarthy

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