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Brenda and Richard Krajicek

"I grew up with Brenda. She has always been a kid at heart. Any child of any skill level will benefit from Brenda's camp."

- Richard Krajicek, 1996 Wibledon Singles Champion

"Brenda Schultz represents what every--professional athlete, author, business person, teacher--should aspire to become--she epitomizes what it means to be dedicated to being the best you can be. Her spirit is infectious and she is an inspiration to those around her. She knows what it means to deal with adversity as well as success, and I can think of no one who will be a better leader and teacher for youngsters looking for a role model to help them realize their dreams."

- Sara K. Forniciari, Tournament Director, IGA Classic, Oklahoma City, President, Sports Plus

"I really admire people who want to make a difference in the lives of youth because that is my passion also with my foundation. Brenda has shown a sincerity with her charity work with youth that you don't always see today. You don't always see the immediate results of your work but if she continues she will be affecting the lives of youth in ways she will never know. "

- MaliVai Washington, 1996 Wimbledon Singles Finalist, ESPN Tennis Analyst

Brenda with Mal Washington

" I've known Brenda for more than 10 years and I have played against her many times, watching her development and success, seeing her determination and strength that placed her in the top ten; I also had the pleasure of playing together with her in doubles. She has given so much to tennis, not only as a tennis player, but also as a person and this is one of her sincere attributes; her warmth, sensitivity and love of the game are a few of her qualities that could help to achieve anyone's dreams."

- Gabriela Sabatini

Brenda is a fantastic tennis player and person. The only problem is her server is bigger than mine.

- Johan Kriek, Two time Australian Open Singles Champion

Brenda has been a positive role model for the game of pro tennis for over ten years. Her ability to work with juniors all over the world as a touring pro is well documented in all types of press. Murphy and I have worked closely with Brenda over the years to bring a high level of tennis technique and tons of fun to the many junior players we have worked with all over the world. You will not find a better motivator or positive influence for your child than Brenda. Murphy and I love playing and practicing with Brenda because of her world renown work ethic on and off the court. In the many Grand Slam events we played together Brenda showed a calming presence in crunch time and the ability to raise her game at the right time to win matches. If you are thinking about sending your youngster to a tennis camp this summer, there is only one camp your son or daughter should go to. See Brenda this summer and let her teach your young champ the gift of having fun at the game of a lifetime.

- Luke B. Jensen, 1993 French Open Champion, ESPN Tennis Analyst & Murphy M. Jensen, 1993 French Open Champ, CBS Topspin Reporter

Brenda Schultz and John



Brenda Schultz with Andre Agassi

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