College Placement Services

Which School to Pick?

Choosing a school is so much more than picking the school who offers you the best financial package. You have to know your goals and find the school that can truly meet your requirements. There are over 2000 schools to choose from in the US that offer you the ability to play college tennis. Each school has it’s own unique specialties both academically and athletically. There are schools in 49 states with collegiate tennis programs including Hawaii. It is a huge decision and if made incorrectly could cost you both on the court as well as your bank account.

Our Program

Our placement programs differ from other we do not just find a school for players we offer a comprehensive evaluation which is used as a plan for allowing you to grow your game, enhance every aspect of their life as well as find the school that best meets you unique individual goals. You need someone who knows every aspect of your life negotiating on your behalf. You also need someone who will hold schools and coaches accountable for their promises. As well as work with you to keep on track with the things outlined in your evaluation to continue the development of your game. It is like having two coaching staffs. So when choosing a service look at what is really being offered. Our summer programs involve professional training in diet, supplementation, strength and conditioning , flexibility, joint mobility, muscular, skeletal and soft tissue alignment, injury prevention or rehabilitation, mental, emotional, life skills, technical, tactical, technical, career professionalism and what equipment is best suited for each player.

Your Ability on the Court, Is Only As Good As Your Preparation Off the Court

It isn’t easy managing being a collegiate tennis player with classes, studying and a social life. It is all about winning matches and at times the small details of developing your game may not always be easy to make a focus. We work with you to work on those small details. Whether it is learning about performance nutrition, more athletic movement, better overall conditioning, managing minor or major injuries or just needing more court time, we can deliver!

Summer Training and Preparation

During our summer training programs held from June to July we have scheduled trips to ITA summer college tournament and ITF professional events for exposure to universities, college coaches and players. When you leave you will have a plan, an evaluation, a video and a team working to find the best option available for your unique goals that personally negotiates your scholarship. Players from our camps have gone on to play at Texas Christian, UCLA, Miami, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Florida Atlantic University, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida, Marquette, Xavier, Appalachian State, Depaul and a host of others. These players have turned out to be international corporate lawyers, marketing managers for major sporting brands and top hundred professional players. Players will have a chance to visit college campuses, play college tournaments, meet college coaches at camp and tournaments. Based on players goals we invite coaches that meet each players unique game plan to meet the player.