Welcome to Brenda Schultz Tennis & Wellness Camp “Wellness is the Essential Leadership Tool”


Allergy Elimination Program

“Due to my multiple allergies, my family lived in constant fear.  I only dreamed of enjoying pizza and ice cream, which all kids love.  Thanks to T.E.D.S. I was educated about allergy elimination programs.  T.E.D.S. coordinated the professionals who helped to cure my allergies.  This has allowed my whole family to breathe easier…thanks T.E.D.S.!”

~Adam Collins


High Performance Camp

High Performance Testimonials from Brenda Schultz Tennis on Vimeo.

“The tennis, fitness, and leadership training at Brenda Schultz Tennis is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Everything we do here is inspiring.”

~Jainy Scheepens – WTA 1088

Ladies Weekend Getaways

“I loved the great environment and I will be bringing home the relationships I made at the camp.  The food was AMAZING, Julie’s cooking was full of zest and healthy at the same time.  Brenda brought my game to a new level and I cannot wait to show off my new skills.”

~Evelyn Baumner

College Scholarship Program

“Thanks to Sean and Brenda’s help I got the athletic scholarship I always dreamed of.  Instead of simply connecting me with a college they taught me a way of life.  I have watched them transform lives and wish for all inspired people to cross paths with them.  You won’t regret it.  Every aspect of my life whether physically, mentally, and intellectually has evolved through Sean and Brenda’s Help.”

~Carol Kahoun – Virginia Tech

Come join Brenda, Sean, and their professional staff at the Brenda Schultz Tennis Camp for a perfect blend of world class coaching and a traditional camp atmosphere.

The Camp is located in Patrick County, Virginia nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia on the Smith River.

Junior Tennis Camp location, map and directions

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